Asia's Biggest Music Awards

It’s time to fly!

Vote for 2018 MAMA and give wings on your favorite stars to support them.
The male and female stars who receive the most wings will be displayed on Mwave special board.
5 people will win K-Pop stars’ exclusive Polaroid photo.

Event PeriodNov 1, 2018 ~ Dec 9, 2018(KST)

Winners AnnouncementDec 17, 2018(KST)

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How to participate

Tip : If you vote 3 days in a row, you can earn up to 3 wings a day.

Vote for 2018 MAMA
and earn wings!
Give wings on your
favorite stars and make their
WING-KING to jump up!
The names of the top ranked
male and female stars will be
displayed on the Mwave
special board.
Share the current WINK-KING
for your star receiving more
wings & Win the exclusive
Polaroid photo.



  • You can earn wings by voting on official website of the 2018 MAMA (PC/Mobile).
  • Earned wings will expire at 00:00AM (KST) of the following day.
  • WING-KING will be shown in real time on the Mwave special board.
  • Event winners will be announced on Mwave's Notice section on Dec 17, 2018 (KST).
  • Mwave may collect your personal information for the shipping of the prizes and it will be handed to our shipping agency 'REVE'.
  • If you are receiving your prize to outside of Korea, it will arrive in about 3 weeks after shipping.
  • Mixed groups are shown in both male and female ranking. However, it will be makred as female ranking when it is shared on social media. (Sorted alphabetically by Female & Male)
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